About Us

Our Mission

Eco Promotions is dedicated to providing a one stop shop for environmentally friendly green products.

Our objective is to give customers the confidence that when buying promotional merchandise from Eco Promotions, not only it is fully compliant to all the latest standards but also has important environmental benefits. The product range in our catalogue and on our website have all been selected based on our green credentials,

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce - many promotional products are made from different types of plastic. By selecting products that have a reduced plastic content, for example when they have a mixture of natutral fibres, we are contributing to the reduction of the overall plastic used. We can also simply reduce our use of plastic products in particular single use plastics. Always look for an alternative that can be used over and over again.

Reuse – tthere could be an argument that almost all promotional products could fit into this category, however we have categorised products into this category that remove the need for single use plastics items like reuseable drinkware removing the use of single use coffee cups or plastic bottles and reuseable bags which reduces the need for plastic carrier bags.

Recycle – by the far the most popular category, products that we feel fit within this category are not only products that are made from recycled materials but also products that are made from material that can be recycled after the products life cycle.

Sustainability - Sustainable material can be a great option when choosing enviornmentally friendly merchandise. Material such as bamboo, hemp and wheat straw are great examples of sustainable material we can use to help reduce the overall plastic used in products or be made entireley from sustainable material.